Living Your Dream Life - Interview with Tara Alexandria

Tara Alexandria, a tarot reader, psychic, and healer, believes in living the life of your dreams. She uses her gifts to help others heal. We cover spirit guides, her business and how she found the strength and faith to begin her healing practice. 

Do you know the difference between a psychic and a medium? Check it out:

  • A psychic has a highly developed intuition. Tara explained we all have those gut feelings, right? Psychics, however, can know broader things about people, their past, present, and potential future. When she connects with someone, she sees what is going on with them as she reads their *auric field.

  • Mediumship is dealing with the spirit world. They can connect with those spirits who have crossed over. For her, these spirits live in a higher plane and mediums can hear, feel, or see those spirits.

She needed to free herself from old ideas about the validity of being a successful psychic. Once she did, everything seemed to align. She lived in Los Angeles at the time, and was moving for the sixth time in three years! But her new mindset was in place.

She stopped thinking she had to get married, have kids, and develop a professional life. These were old thoughts. When life took her in a different direction, she decided to have faith, and follow. As she says, "the floodgates of little miracles came her way."

Tara traveled in Europe doing her healing, mediumship and psychic work. She even ended up in Thailand, and is now back home in the US. This summer, she’ll travel all over the midwest and her online business will continue. You can get a reading from her here!

How can you change your perception to live a life aligned with your dreams?

  • What could you let go of?

  • What concept or idea holds you back from living your life purpose, or having more joy?

Tara’s grandmother, also a psychic, couldn’t always make ends meet. This meant Tara had the notion this couldn’t be successful work. Her grandmother was an extraordinarily generous and caring person. She gave a lot of herself and didn’t always charge for her services. Tara realized you can’t pour from an empty cup. She set up personal boundaries and self-care practices, and believes in charging your worth.

Charging for nontraditional services can have a negative judgment. This thought process must be broken. Just like any other profession, intuitive and spiritual work should be paid for. These professionals put in as much or more time sharpening their craft. They seek to provide their clients with the best possible experience. 

Soulpreneurs, just like solopreneurs and entrepreneurs, may work more extended hours for 6-7 days a week. The decision to work for yourself is one that takes guts and an immense amount of dedication. Don’t doubt your work, and charge your worth! 

Tara's aha! moment came from the validation of a friend. Sometimes we need a little push! She’s now practicing both online and in person. Tara is exceptionally talented- I had a session with her myself! She’s wise beyond her years, and is very much connected to an energy outside of herself. 

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*The auric field is an energetic layer around the physical body that is widely known as the aura.