Balance Your Professional and Personal Life with Hector Hernandez

Personal life and a demanding career are a challenging combination. Hector Hernandez, the creator of The Digital Kahuna, affectionately known as the Angry Marketer, is the Chief Digital Officer for McCann Worldgroup. He discusses his life growing up, his transition from Venezuela to the states, and his children. 

Growing up, his grandfather was the figure that stood out to him. When I asked what his fondest memories were, he mentioned the time with him. This figure in his personal life was a very successful doctor. He worked a lot of hours, but in Hector’s words, he represented true love. Time spent with his grandfather was always about quality.

His father, the VP of a sizable Venezuelan bank, provided his family a very comfortable life. He instilled in Hector the value of hard work and the importance of professional growth. He eventually followed his father’s steps in banking.

Hector discovered he couldn’t have children in his first marriage.  He’d envisioned his life following his grandfather’s route, but with this news, became focused on his career path. The transition from Venezuela to the states was not smooth. He found his niche though: he saw a gap between marketing and business objectives. 

He went on to develop a proprietary digital business ready analysis. He started his own digital marketing company, hosting panels and various speaking events and is the chief digital officer for McCann Worldgroup.     

Hector and his wife found an option that would help them have children. The birth of his twin boys completely changed his life.  

"When I saw them everything changed! I thought I was on the right path following my dad’s professional and social life. But when I saw those two kids, none of that mattered. It was what I learned from my grandfather that truly matters."

We all struggle to create balance. It involves the entire person, the internal and external. Mental, physical and emotional health are internal, while the external things are the time you spend with others, being social and active in the world.

Hector's grandfather seemed to create the right balance for himself. A man who was admired professionally and personally. He sounds like a very happy person, which meant he did a lot of work to create that balance.

How can you create a healthy balance for yourself? 

Internal Health: 

  • Do you work excessively? Pushing yourself to achieve your goals is ok. But make sure to enjoy the life you’re creating for yourself!

  • Do you have time for just you? The activities you want to do, the things you want to experience? What about downtime?

  • Could you have more quiet time, or begin a meditation practice to support your mental health?

  • Do you give to others more than you give to yourself? Sometimes it’s easier to overextend yourself for others and neglect your own needs.

  • What about physical health? Make sure to move your body a few times each week! Especially if you are behind a desk at work, a 1-hour walk three times a week can do wonders.

External Health: 

  • Do you focus on the person you’re spending time with? It's not much of a social life if you’re on your phone in that time! Allow yourself to be in the present.

  • Do you spend quality time with your significant other? Give your #1 fan the time they deserve.

  • Is family time quality time? Are you setting boundaries? What time do you shut off and solely focuse on spending time with them?

As Hector said,

"Have things in perspective, follow your path. What really matters in life is family, love, and finding ways to enjoy life!"

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