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Conquering Obstacles and Fears

Life is full of challenges that may seem small to some and large to others. I took on a challenge from my brother to participate in obstacle races with him. Today was the first. As physical fatigue set in at the Terrain Race I was faced with an additional task of personal perseverance. I’m scared of heights as I climbed, crawled and worked my way through over 20 obstacles of which 3 consisted of over 10 feet tall walls made of wood, rope and steel. I had a choice I climb or I go around. Thats where the shift must happen. I pushed forward completed the race not overcoming my fear but pushing past it

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Creating Your Serendipity

Creating your serendipity is a stand for you to create your "happy accidents, or pleasant surprises" every day of your life. We can 'make your own serendipity'  every second of every minute if we take a more relaxed approach to life. Listen to your intuition, create self - filling prophesies via positive expectations, and adopt a resilient attitude that transforms all experiences into opportunity. 

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