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Balance Your Professional and Personal Life with Hector Hernandez

For most entrepreneurs and high-level executives finding a healthy balance between personal and professional life can be a challenge. Hector and I sat down and discussed his childhood, his career, and the circumstances that took his life in one direction to later realize he is the happiest when spending time with two very special individuals.

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Shifting Your Money Paradigm

I spoke with Alex Nagy CEO of JAH Family Property Solutions and Forward Solutions, investor, and educator. We went over his struggle with addiction, how he ended up homeless and how he turned his life around. Alex dove into the perception that people have when it comes to money and how shifting YOUR MONEY paradigm will provide you with the tools for financial freedom.

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Giancarlo Aguilar - The Man of the House

Giancarlo experienced loss at a very young age. Between the ages of 8 & 10, he lost all of the male figures in his family. This created a role that he felt he had to fill. The new status of "man of the house" molded his childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. He realized no matter how much money he made, no matter how successful he became, there was still something missing.

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