Giancarlo Aguilar - The Man of the House

I sat down with Giancarlo Aguilar CEO of Social Wolf Media & Creator of Push Modern. We discussed the loss of his father and how the then ten-year-old boy had to become the man of the house. 

This created a lot of anxiety and Giancarlo had to go through a process of self-realization where he had to figure out what defines a man and how the story or role he had created for himself left him in a state of frustration at a very young age.  

His reality and self-identification shattered. 

After several breakdowns, he realized his purpose, the intentions behind his ambitions and what a family truly needs from the "man of the house." 

"Develop yourself first, be happy with yourself first, be loving to yourself first and then everything else will fall into place."

He became someone who is truly in-tuned with himself, a person who is enjoying his life while balancing his professional and personal life.