Meet Kimberly Ocampo On Her Recovery Journey

Be in control of your fear, put it in front of you. Make it so that you can decide to be in control of that fear.

I’m in awe of Kimberly Ocampo’s strength, wisdom, and courage to keep pushing forward. After paralysis, she decided to conquer her fears "head on."

Kimberly is committed to her rehabilitation. She’s gone from being unable to sit up on her own to walking with the help of her leg braces and a walker. Her dreams of becoming a dancer have not disappeared, but taken a new shape. 

Now a Redbull ambassador, a skydiver and a businesswoman, her wheelchair doesn’t define her it accentuates her new physical and mental strength. Every day is an opportunity for her to accomplish new goals and each day those goals propel her toward her biggest intention: to walk again. 

Follow Kim’s journey to learn from her tenacity. When you’re faced with adversity, when you feel you can’t go on, remember:

“Just be yourself, maximize that, and be the best version of you that only you can be.” 

Kim has a GoFundMe page to help pay for her physical therapy. Donate and uplift her here: