Shifting Your Money Paradigm

This is Alex Nagy, CEO of JAH Family Property Solutions and Forward Solutions, an investor and educator. He shares his childhood and adolescent struggle with addiction and homelessness. 

At 14, he became infamous for being the "go-to guy" for drugs.  He became "his own boss" and at such a young age, that empowered him to further sink into a cycle that became self-destructive. He became a drifter, and eventually found himself homeless.

Then, he met his now-fiance, and this changed everything. She followed his footsteps, and ending up on house arrest, and he knew he had to make a drastic change for their wellbeing and their unborn child. 

"I was a bad influence; I wasn't someone good to be around. I became the opposite. I had to learn how to help myself before I could help anyone else."

Alex changed the people he associated with. He built a team of people who enabled him to grow, and he changed his overall perspective on life. 

His drive to create a better life for himself, his fiance and their daughter gave him the strength to push past all of the difficulties he faced. He created three fundamental rules for himself: 

1.   Stay patient.
2.  Find a healthy focus.
3.  Don't give up. 

He stopped selling drugs. He took a job at Taco Bell while still living on the streets. At 19, he started his lawn mowing service. His resolve propelled him to open JAH Family Property Solutions, a home improvement business. With only a Sharpie, a hammer, and a new-found belief in himself, it grew into an established company that paved the way for him to invest further in his self-development.

Alex realized basic financial education was missing from traditional education. He made it his mission to create a space where others can learn the tools they need to gain financial freedom via his company, Forward Solutions.

Alex has lived more than most his age, and has had to overcome extreme challenges. His resilience and ability to reconstruct his life in such a powerful way is a testament to what’s possible. He is truly exceptional and a voice for those who feel like there is no way out. I can't wait to see the impact that he’ll continue to have on the world. 

Additional Information: 

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